6 Effective Wholesale Promotional Merchandise That Any Business Can Use

There was once a time when clothing items were the foremost choice for promoting any business- brand, product or service. But today with the rise of so many good manufacturers and suppliers who specializes in this niche, there are many other and new merchandise items that big and small business- of diverse niche- are using for promotional purpose.

Wholesale Promotional Merchandise Suppliers

Of course each of these promotional items’ effectiveness depends on the kind of business you have, but regardless they are all pretty good options to experiment with. Here are some of the popular items that top wholesale promotional merchandise suppliers offer, and the kind of business they could be more effective with-

Popular promotional merchandises

Coffee Mugs

This item is undoubtedly one of the most used promotional merchandise. And why not really; if of good quality, it has a long term value. Plus businesses get quick, easy and comprehensive customization option. Promotional coffee mugs are suitable for a range of business types, considering it come in many types and varieties. A brand, product or service that represents a ‘household value’ and target a family as a whole is just perfect.

Water Bottles

Promotional water bottles have been very effective targeting athletes and gym goers. This means they are suitable for businesses that represent healthy living; business that offer products like proteins, healthy DIY foods, sports gears, as well as services like massage and more.


A very old promotional item, pens have stood well in the test of time. Perfect for businesses that offer stationery products, to target specially the school and college goers, although their time value might not be as long comparatively, they can yield far better results than others.


Watches comes in many varieties and nearly everyone- women, men, old, kids- wears them. This makes them perfect to promote a range of businesses. Besides, of all the promotional merchandise, watches usually last very long. Promoting a formal clothing lineup business is a very good idea.

Wrist bands

This is one of the most effective promotional merchandise if you are targeting a younger population. Sweet, simple and stylish wrist bands are more than perfect for fashion clothing business, fitness related business, and even online businesses.


This one is quite easy; school bags to target school kids (or parents), office bags for office goers, hand bags to target women, laptop and tablet cases to target corporate world and younger consumers. The so many varieties make them suitable for many different types of business.

There are few others promotional merchandises that have been very effective in the past for various types of businesses, like computer items and accessories, key rings, headphones, and umbrellas. So have you been thinking long to experiment with your promotional strategies to get even better rewards, contact renowned wholesale promotional merchandise suppliers today?


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