Are Smart Watches The Next Big Thing In The Promotional Merchandise Industry?

Years have passed on and watches are still one of the most used and effective promotional items. But watch industry has seen a big change over the past couple of years, thanks to the introduction of wearable technology item- Smart Watches.

According to recent data, the global market value of Smart Watches is expected to reach $32 Billion by 2020. Other research shows over 24.4 million watches were sold in 2015. These numbers clearly suggests the Smart Watches will take over the watch industry in the coming years. Even the giants of this industry like Titan have realized it; for they have come up with their own version of classic-looking Smart Watches.

Chronological Watch Supplier

All these clearly mean, this wearable technology, in today’s world, would comparatively be more effective for promoting a business than the offerings of chronological watch supplier.

Suitable target audience

Although the demands for Smart Watches are coming from diverse consumer bases, the sales somewhat suggests that they are more popular among the younger population and in the corporate world. So if you own a business whose target audience correlates to this consumer base, your promotional Smart Watches will be more effective and successful; like businesses that offer fashion apparels, fitness products, computer hardware and software, advanced training programs, online services and more.

Price is no problem

One might think the cost of promoting a business on Smart Watches might be hefty; at least to the small-scale businesses. But in reality that’s not completely true- as long you’re buying from any top and well known promotional watch manufacturer. These manufacturers, well adept to changing market trends and preferences, are already offering many varieties of highly advanced promotional Smart Watches, at a very affordable price range. If you plan and strategize your promotion well enough, you are guaranteed to get much more ROI (Return On Investment) than the total cost of these watches.

Remember, good planning is everything here. You have to choose the right variety of smart watch that aligns with the preference of your target audience; you have to choose the right season and occasion; and above all, you have to choose the right promotional watch manufacturer.


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