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Become a Distributor with One of The Biggest Manufacturers Oasis Promotional

Promotional clothing is an integral part of businesses today and it is needed for everything from brand events to employee recognition. If you want to become a distributor of promotional clothing it, then you need to partner with a  proper manufacturer.

At Oasis Promotional, we are giving you a chance to become a distributor with one of the biggest manufacturers of promotional clothing in the United States – us.

Our promotional clothing are available for distributors in USA, Canada, and Australia and you should definitely become a part of our wide distributor network to start your own business.

Who can become a distributor?

As one of the biggest names in promotional clothing manufacturing, Oasis Promotional is open to every distributor, businessman, or entrepreneur who is looking to get into the promotional apparel industry and partner with the big league player.

If you want to become our promotional items distributor, then you can get in touch with us and bring us your client’s brand to help them get the best products at the right time and the cheapest deal.

Becoming part of a network that is spread over two major continents, your business  is bound to grow with Oasis Promotional.

Here’s how you can come into our distributorship fold

Wondering how you can become a distributor with Oasis Promotional. We are giving entrepreneurs and distributors a chance to be part of our vast business in two different ways.

You can become a distributor and bulk order from us to revamp your client’s collection.

Or, you can also become a distributor and get your bulk orders at our distributor price serving directly to the end customer for better profits.

And that is not all. Becoming a distributor with Oasis Promotional also makes it possible for you to be a recipient for various other rewards and lucrative return on investments!

How to become a Oasis Promotional Distributor?

If you want to become a promotional clothing distributor with Oasis Promotional, then here is what you need to do:

Fill up the business account application form and let us know more about your business venture.

Our team will take a look at your form and check your eligibility depending on your details.

You can then get in touch with us and let us know the kind of bulk order requirements you will have.

We give you the distributor kit and wholesale price for your quotation request.

Why become a distributor with Oasis Promotional?

When you join the club with Oasis Promotional, you become a part of a manufacturing and distribution network that is truly top notch. Each of our products are made from the best materials you will find and your distributorship will definitely flourish with us.

We are also equipped to give you delivery anywhere within our area and a stipulated deadline. Oasis Promotional understands the value of time and how it could always be turned into profit, so you are always in safe hands.

What we offer at Oasis Promotional?

Hassle free services for your basic needs

High quality products that are checked and double checked to zero manufacturing defects.

Awesome customized promotional wear options starting from color combinations to sizes and designs.

Support before and after sale – no false promises made to your business.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us now and start your business!

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