Bring Your Brand to Focus with Customized Designer Jackets

Smarten up your business year 2015-2016 with some stunning custom promotional jackets, letting your brand fly from coast to coast without you having to splurge pointlessly! It is all about a good and wise investment.

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Jackets are inevitably one of the most practical and fashionable promotional product used only by the style conscious diva and debonair but also become a significant corporate uniform, just like polo shirt, sweatshirt and maybe a fleece.  Also special jackets for outbound training and mountaineering.

Here are The different kinds of promotional jackets that are customized with the some of the most trusted and top notch manufacturers:

1. Shell Waterproof Jackets

Typically one of the lightest weights, waterproof jackets that are made in a technique to black out wind and rain tactfully. These are high breathable allowing body vapor from exertion to escape but do not let it in. There are good jackets for the cold weathers with another mid-layer like fleece for enhanced warmth.

There are the pack-away shell waterproofs that can usually be rolled and stuffed into its pocket. The pack-away is the ideal ‘just in case’ jacket for fair weather use around town or walking the dog. Then there are the two layer shell jackets with 2-layer membrane combining a fully waterproof outer shell with the inner layer membrane of mesh and polyester. The inner layer prevents the degradation of the waterproof lining by acting as a barrier to the corrosion caused by movement and sweat. These are very popular jackets the UK due to our mixed climate. There is also a third type of shell jacket which have an external waterproof fabric layer with internal waterproof and breathable membrane with an additional bonded protective lining.

2.  Designer Winter Jackets

The custom promotional jacket manufacturers customized the amazing range of colorful winter jacket, offering wearers a fascinating chance to add classic stance to all wardrobes. These fabulous pieces come in zipped front closure with drawstrings to secure the neckline and sleeves that are gathered at the wrist. The pockets are structured in the lower half of the jacket that goes a long way to add definition to the design.

3. Three-In-One Waterproof Jackets

Okay, so do not confuse these with the three layer jackets, a three in one waterproof jackets are one with outer shell in detachable inner fleece, padded jacket.  This is versatile option for an all the year round wear, that becomes flexible with the fluctuating and changeable weather conditions. It is known as a 3-in-1 because it can be worn in three different variations as a thick warm jacket with all the layers zipped together, or worn just with the inner layer for a pleasantly cool summer eve and also with just the outer layer for a spring shower!

4. Spunk Sports Jackets

So, there are brilliant designs meeting customer specifications so the custom promotional jacket manufacturers can introduce a range of smart sports jackets.  From F1 to international soccer games, you can get it styled in absolutely trending finish that will get your brand logo printed in the best screen print technique with adjustable hoodie, sleek and smart color base and pattern. Along with the deft designer touch, the manufacturers ensure top notch quality, fabric performance enhancing technique that will keep the jacket new even after a rigorous use. The side paneling, good absorbency, high ventilation, zipper line, and smart sleeves all other detailing are purely impressive.

Selecting the Right Fit

When you choose the promotional jacket ensuring a right fit is crucial be it for men, women or the little champs. Because every cut will be different from another. While women’s jackets tend to have a much more tailored fit and thus shorter arms too. Men mostly get the fit that is fine but remember the body structure from arms, shoulder and chest is wider and different from women.

These are some of the significant keys to choosing a promotional bespoke jacket to keep your customers happy!


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