Bulk Promotional Items – 3 Items to Get for Your Store

These days, many companies are being forced to cut down their advertising expenses due to monetary strain. They are trying to get the maximum benefit out of every dollar that they spend for marketing purposes, and enjoy the best returns on their invested advertising budget. Naturally, many companies are looking for bulk promotional items to serve as effectual advertising tools for their business and give them as gifts to business partners, clients and employees. As a gift store owner, you can keep the 3 following items in your stock and have them sold to your customers for advertising purposes.

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Mouse Pads

This is the ideal promotional item for 21st century men and women, most of who are always before a computer. Mouse pads offer a larger surface to print business logos/emblems along with contact information and even special messages. These are also used for special marketing campaigns regarding some upcoming event. There are also printed mouse-mats which serve as amazing marketing tools.


It is another of the bulk promotional items that you can order from your supplier. Pens have been used for about a century for marketing purposes, and can easily be produced. Advertisers need only a small amount of monetary investment to produce these. These have been proven to be accepted and appreciated well by all segments of the human population.

Key Chains

These have been around for promotional purposes for a very long time, and are still very popular. Companies ask for these in bulk and distribute them among the masses, thereby getting a lot of visibility for their business. These are generally distributed in trade shows, outdoor festivals and even concerts and are engraved with the image or logo and contact info of the organization. These can be produced with very small investment but can ensure high returns.


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