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Valentine’s Day Special Promotional Gift Ideas

To grab the attention of your clients and customers, or associates and motivating the employees can be a little tricky for your business if not done tactfully. While promotional clothing, accessories and gifts can come at your rescue easily with a wide array of customisation options which the wholesalers are manufacturing, deciding on these gifts must be done depending on the occasion or purpose.   For instance, with the month February, the one occasion which strikes our mind is lovey-dovey Valentine’s Day, and keeping this in mind, you can churn out V-day special promotional gifts wholesale for the people associated with your company.

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We get you covered with few ideas on these gifts:

1. Photo frames
Accelerate your company’s brand identity handing out cute metallic plated heart shaped photo fames , and robe their attention . Make sure to emboss your brand logo, tagline, some quotes related to love and valentine’s day, which will be eye-catching for charming appeal. Giving out these to both male and female, will spruce up the overall influence of your venture.

2. Pens and pencils
A pivotal necessity, a set of pens and pencils always reflects the idea of a well-thought gift. All you need is to tweak their get-up for the love month , with creative edge with custom prints of little hearts in vibrant shades or crafting them in heart designs at the end would look striking and endearing, perfect for this occasion.

3. Coffee mugs
For the married or unmarried couples, try out something mushy and romantic. Brief your wholesaler to toss in coffee mugs, in conjoined dual sets , attached to each other with your company’s logo and  cheesy one liners adorned with funny graphical images, reflecting the theme of togetherness.

4. Key chains
Make the people fall in love with your brand with heart shaped cute key chains, acting as a souvenir for your clients and customers. These can be customized with a mirage of designs and colors, with the names of the individuals or the couples inscribed in stylized fonts and peppy patterns.

5. Pen drive bracelets
An important requisite for working people, the pendrive bracelets are a wonderful if manufactured with romantic touch. Reflecting functionality, with a decked up style especially for the day of love, these will definitely accentuate the identity of your company.

6. Socks and gloves
Beat the February chills with cute gloves and socks in crazy base colors like cherry red or baby pink, with the logo or name of your company, fused with   written messages or little heart shapes embroidered intricately over them in contrasting colors. Hand them out to the recipients for a notched up appeal of your business.

Thus, make the V-day a golden opportunity to build stronger brand appeal with cute-adorable promotional gifts wholesale.

Surprise Your Fitness Conscious Members With Stunning Promotional Hoodies

When you mean business, it is absolutely perfect to think about positioning yourself and create a niche in the market. This post is for those running fitness centres, delving in the wellness and lifestyle industry and considering promoting themselves mindfully. What could be a better way to trump than offering promotional gifts to your members?

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If you are looking for such golden opportunities, then tie up with the prominent global manufacturers and get some amazing hoodies as promotional gifts wholesale. Isn’t it great when a fellow member slip into the snazzy hoodies you gift them and hang around with friends in the city and across. Immediately the logo of your company comes to notice. Yes with the urge of a healthier life, people will tend to get attracted toward such smart tech hoodies and definitely get curious about the icon on the chest. Considering growing  popularity of a fitness industry marketing and advertisement becomes essentials but easier. And when you can opt such cool accessories from promotional gifts wholesale suppliers then nothing should stop you to market yourself.

Terrific Three   Promotional Hoodies From The Global Manufacturers

Mute Hued

The global manufacturing promotional clothing and accessories hub with access to adept designers create amazing mute hued hoodies for men and women. And you get it customized putting your swish brand logo with some sleek stripes or print. These hooded jackets collection come with sleek and smart motifs as the base. The added touch of designer glow with some trendy checkered pattern will also be eye-catching. The checkered touch also makes it presence felt on the center monogram where you can print the logo. The thin dark shade paneling  running through the zipper line, the waistline and two lines across the sleeve will give the jacket an iconic finish.


The most amazingly stylish and comfortable jackets are designed in such a manner that will effortlessly grab eyeballs like never before. The sleek and smart hues like a mint green and white hood jacket piece from Oasis Promotional has created huge hype in the market. You can also look for such rejuvenating designs for your promotional gifts from this wholesale hub! Trendy colors in hooded jackets as this are truly awe inspiring! Having the trendy designer cut, tailored to perfection and side slip in pockets, the designer is bound to steal hearts!

Color Block

Colors play a huge role in attracting eyes and pleasing hearts! So select some outstanding in trend peppy colors it could be the neon shades or other plush purples and greens. You can get it customized from the promotional gifts wholesale designers and suppliers both in one solid color play or color block motifs and make it an all time favorite. The enigmatic magically ultra mod flaming red and black combination design from Oasis Promotional  has everything that a designer jacket with hoodie ought to have, you can check out some of their collection as well! The blazing red base contrasted with the refined black sleeves, lining and added stitching for designer touch makes the range completely an impressive piece generating trendy selection of sorts.

Conclusion: Who does not like a hand-out, especially something that looks amazing and is useful! Gym expenses are little heavier on the pocket, but such surprise gifts will instantly allure them towards your services. Plus you are not bluffing them, it will a great token of gesture and your brand will immediately register in the mind and heart of your member as well as their friends and families. All you need to keep in mind is the promotional gifts wholesale manufacturer and designer you choose offers you highest quality products and you also benefit from the bulk purchases.

Five Smart Reasons That Explains The Powers Of Promotional Gifts

In simple understanding gifting is a means to expressing your concern, affection, thoughtfulness responsibility and commitments. It also helps in creating closeness and remembrance.  In the language of marketing and business, which is ever evolving in to generating new ideas becoming impressively a clever form of publicity, has used promotion as its one of the most significant tools.  Promotional product is a tool; to last longer, and retain position in the minds of the mass from internal employees, existing and potential clients.

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Promotional products have been a traditional marketing tool and in the midst of newer marketing forums from outdoor advertising to social and digital media, promotional products are growing stronger.

Here are the smart five reasons to believe in the power of promotional products and wholesale promotional gifts can have a larger loom on the industry.

1. Escalating brand recognition

One of the biggest target and achievement of every business would be brand recognition, irrespective of being a big or small company. While there are newer approaches and technique of standing out in the competition to make ways to the hearts and minds of clients yet of one the simplest and powerful tool is promotional gifts. Creating, increasing and retaining brand awareness by customizing a gifting item that can be used by customers for everyday routine affixing your logo, for that matter can keep your business in their top register of memory.

2. Mass Impact Most Cost Effectively

Companies big or small definitely welcome ideas that are beneficial, and what can be better than promotional gifts? Reaches the mass at a low cost! Marketing items that make the most sense and that will buzz at the cost of the bucks invested is an important decision. Even spending a petty amount that can create long lasting impact is what promotional products do.  For example if you are customer is a computer person, even a mouse pad with your logo can be creative, simple and effective. If you are running a make-up company, a makeup kit bag will wonders for your promotion campaign. Simplicity can win customer loyalty hundred times faster than showoff abstractness.

3. Creative Substitute To Business Card

Marketing involves a lot of creativity but remember it is best to use creativities that draw parallels from the ordinary. Business cards are any company’s most valuable promotional business staple, but what if you add another level to your business card? If you are a mobile service company, a how about offering an earplug in with your logo or phone cover!

4. Tangibility Gives Repeat Exposure

Creating a huge buzz only to see it go under water is not what business companies are born. What you need to be always there in the mind is- repeat exposure! How?  Simple! Remember how speedy bags became so popular! If you are from is a big wine selling company, offer a handy carry bag on the purchase every two bottles of champagne with reminders on the back to keep chances of customers coming back to your store.  If you are running a garment store, a loyalty card, gift vouchers always tempts customers to return for more fun shopping!

5. Variety is the spice of Marketing and Promotion

If you get an offer to eat the same delicious hamburgers every twice a week would you prefer that over two different snacks equally delicious, each week? Guessing not! Even a platter of marketing should have variety, while the staple food is significant and reassuring, it is always tasteful to plan surprises and make variation.

Promotional items have made a huge market that gets often one bigger than an organization’s real market. Leading and global brands like Oasis Promotional, in the business of wholesale promotional gifts helps to launch new products and services, instituting employee incentive,  safety programs, or energizing sales meetings, with assorted promotional trade exhibitions that boosts overall sales and enhances customer relations. The wholesale, manufacturing, designing and distributing companies providing promotional gifts are creating benchmark globally accommodating customized products, to strengthen brand’s image and create stand-out position in the highly competitive market.

Know the promotional gifts to create a brand buzz!

No matter if you are planning to launch a new brand in the market or thinking to reinvent it, like an old wine in a new bottle, there is always the utmost necessity of proper propaganda, that will enhance your sales and boost the image all the more. But before that you need to select the items that will be apt for securing your goal for hype and publicity.

Many are opting for paid advertisements and other stuff but the best way to indirectly glorify the image of your brand would be to opt for promotional items that could be gifted during any special event. However, here is a list to make sure that the products are innovative, inspirational and have a certain degree of exclusivity.

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Stationary accessories

One of the most beneficial and cost effective products is stationary stuff like pens and pencils that makes promotional gifts, all the more wonderful, attention grabbing and mind blowing. Although the gifts may look small but the chic unique appeal with vibrancy of colours makes sure that its noticed and your brand gets a certain amount of recognition. You can also opt for i-pad case, coffee mugs, small note-pads and so on, with the company trademark on it.

Opt for funky and functional caps and hats

The corporate gifts suppliers have come up with the unique idea of getting cute and funky caps customised with logos and taglines, to make your brand image be known by one and all. The message written on them is not only eye-catching but creates a positive impact like no other. The smart and sassy designs roar out style, elegance with the message of your brand.

Innovation is the key to get introduced

However, if you want to lend an exclusive personalised touch, then opting for customised options offered by the leading e-stores makes sure that your promotional gifts are unique and stands out from the others. From jackets to hoodies the ideas are galore and design vast but before selecting on any one product make sure that whatever you order from the corporate gifts suppliers, it has the ability to create a lasting impression for its new fangled and innovatory approach.

The best thing about online corporate gifts suppliers, is that they are economical. After placing your bulk orders with them, the promotional products come along with slashed down attractive discounts, making it all the more a happy bargain for all.

Three Types Of Unique Promotional Gifts An Enterprise Can Choose From!

The moment you think of taking your business to the next level, the first thing that strikes you is the advertisement, isn’t it? Some entrepreneurs advertise their brands via television and internet and some walk on the other paths like hoardings and mobile ads. Do you want to make your promotion a bit different? Well check this out, then!

When it comes to gifts, almost everyone loves to receive them, isn’t it? Do you know that gifts can also be a way to promote your own brand? Yes, there are various corporate gift items available at the reputed e-stores which can effectively promote your business to the higher echelon. Through these gifts, you can express your concern for your customers who frequent your store. Your employees also deserve some form of appreciation, don’t they? Make your gifts speak of your goodwill for those who work for you.

If you are just running out of ideas, here are some for you! Scroll down and roll your eyes.

Stylish Coffee Mugs:

promotional coffee mug

your promotional gifts should not only look stunning, but these must also be chosen with the utility factors in mind. Imagine how you will feel to have received a gift that is of no use to you? Disappointed, if not angry! Therefore, choose a gift like a stylish coffee mug from the online promotional gift stores which your recipients can also make use of. At these popular web stores, you get the chance to customize the gifts according to your requirements. Whether it is the name of your brand or its logo, whatever print you want on your gift, just spell it out and have it delivered in no time.

Smart Water Bottles:

customized water bottles

Do you have an esteemed clientele who are enthusiastic about sports? Then surprise them with the smart sports water bottles. Various designs of bottles are gracing the gallery of the virtual shops that are solely dedicated to manufacturing customized gifts. You can either choose the ergonomic water bottles or the plain and simple ones just according to your budget. Do you know what is the best thing about these virtual stores? Here you can purchase these stuffs in bulk and that too without worrying much about your budget. So grab the chic and sporty water bottles and distribute them among your sports-loving customers.

Bracelet With Pen-Drive Fastening:

promotional pen drive

With the increasing application of technology, a pen-drive is now nearly everyone’s primary need. What if you’d stylize it a bit and gift them to your customers? Don’t you think it will just sweep them off their feet? Don’t lose this chance of being under the spotlight with this exclusive and ultra modern gifting option. Now pen-drive can be worn like a bracelet and one can easily exude their nerdy look with one of them. Therefore, log on to the promotional gift shops that are available virtually, pick this fashionable souvenir and wrap it for those who have been relying on your services for years.

So, what are you twiddling your thumbs for? Just browse through the e-shops and select your promotional gifts.

How To Decide An Ideal Promotional Gift?

Promotional gifts are mainly used by companies to increase their sales volume. These gifts can be either utilized to promote a particular product or project the company brand all together. One can be well assured that these come in a range of prices and it depends entirely on the management to decide on the appropriate budget that they want to allot to it. However, it is quite obvious that bigger organisations spend much more in these products than their smaller counterparts; more so for those companies which operate on a global scale.

promotional gifts

Depending On the Occasion:

Choosing a promotional product is not that easy. The gifts that you decide to give at a general fair can’t be the same that you give to your valued clientele. Those which are meant to be distributed on a large scale must be inexpensive but at the same time, due attention must be given to the fact that it is not insulting as well.

While a pen drive bracelet might be ideal for the fair, you can think of gifting a sweatshirt or a hoodie to your limited base of esteemed clients for making an everlasting impression in their minds. These will actually go a long way in creating an image of the company.

Gold Grey Golf Gift Set

Gold Grey Golf Gift Set

Depending On the Frequency:

While deciding on the gift, one must also consider the number of times in a year they need to be given. If it so happens, that you need to give these at regular intervals, something as simple as a coffee mug can serve your purpose.

However, if the frequency is low, you can always opt for a travel bag which will remind your clients time and again of your company. Giving gifts often implies spending more money, so it is essential to keep a check on it.

Allocating a proper budget for these products at the start of a year is simply indispensable. A lot of companies tend to overlook this essential part in the process of budgeting. Ultimately, they end up facing a cash crunch for promotional gifts, when needed.