Few Ways By Which Amateur Custom Jacket Manufacturers Can Lend Novelty To Products

With the increasing trend of customization on promotional clothing for effective marketing and advertising, the top-notch manufacturers are introducing a mirage of ways to lend uniqueness to the clothes . When it comes to outer wears like jackets and coats, the leading custom jacket manufacturers, with the aid of advanced technology, are rendering flair and verve to the products without compromising on the quality of the fabric.

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Manufacturers, who are new in the market, might find it difficult to decide on the trends of customization, to increase their demand and stability, hence, we get you covered with the following ways:

1. Screen printing  
This is the most popular type of printing which manufacturers can opt for , in which various patterns, motifs and even images are transferred to the clothing using silk screen frame , where a mesh is used to transfer the ink meticulously. While doing this, a lot of contemplation is needed on the colors that you want to render, hence, learning how different inks and dyes work with or without mixture becomes very crucial. The amateur jacket manufacturers UK companies can use this trending process with care and intricacy for the best possible outcomes.

2. Hand Painting
Make the jackets your canvas and paint your creativity there, with a lot of scope to express the customer’s thoughts and intentions, so that strong brand identity can be made. For this doesn’t require a complex set up or expensive machines, what you all need is dyes, acrylic paints , sprays, crayons, permanent markers etc for a variety of designs and approaches.

3. Embroidery
For the perfect corporate identity, the most effective way is to stitch the logos or something in written with stitch work or embroidery. This is the disadvantage of consuming a lot of time and being expensive to set up the sewing machine, but if done with care and detailing, the perfect finishing will deliver quick results.

4. Sublimation printing
The fusion of sublimation ink, heat and pressure on jackets, especially the ones made of polyester, delivers wow-worthy designs and colors. This also help to print realistic photos on render vibrancy in terms of the colors used, for a notched-up appeal.

5. Tie-and-dye
If your bulk customer wants mesmerizing color patterns on the jackets, go for tie-and-dye printing. The mirage of colors produced through a very easy and traditional process, will boost your business with more customers.  The well-known custom jacket manufacturers  use this printing type since ages for being too easy and highly productive.

5. Airbrush and sprays
Go for handcrafted masterpieces with creative edge provided to jackets using brushing and spraying.  A very common form of artwork, this needs minimal investment and also, doesn’t need any skilled expertise. This is a good technique which can be applied to promotional jackets for schools and colleges.

6. Patchwork
Instead of printing or painting, try something new with stitching trendy, funny and eye-catching patches to the jackets to reflect the mission , vision and brand  identity properly. Incurring less cost and labor, this is quite convenient and in craze today.

Thus, if you are thinking of making a name in the market of custom jacket manufacturers, get acquainted with the types of printing and stitching, to produce well-designed jackets for your clients and spruce up your business easily.


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