Get Fitness Clothing Customized In The Right Way To Promote Your College Sports Team

There is no secret that promotional clothing, with all the hype in the market is one of the most cost-effective ways to market your company or brand. For the right buzz and limelight, nothing gets better than advertising your venture is an effective way to get all the attention from the targeted and concerned crowd. Now that your college sports team needs to promote themselves easily, hassle free to get more sponsors and build a brand identity, none can help you other than the top-notch fitness clothing manufacturers who specialize in customized clothing to make the outfits act as kiosks, billboards and banners to promote your team and college.

Fitness Clothing Manufacturers

We will get you covered with few tips to ensure proper customization on the fitness apparels:

Get the style right

Before directly jumping on to the design of the garments, the first step is to pick on the correct styles of active wear clothing. If your team has both boys and girls, then they would definitely need different types of clothes (except the jerseys). Thus, before choosing reliable and reputed designers among the well-known fitness apparel manufacturers, make a list of what are the outfits that you would need. For guys, tee, track pants, sweatshirts and hooded jackets will do. Whereas for the girls, tank tees, capris, yoga tights, leggings, sports bra and jackets make good selection.  The other crucial thing to think upon is the cut and shape of the jersey. Will it have sleeves? Or will it be sleeve-less? Collar or sans collar? These are the considerations to be made before getting into the deign part.

Conscious construction

If the clothes are for workouts or rather sports which include rigorous physical activities, then comfort gets the ultimate upper hand. Thus, it is better to go for seamless clothes, which are constructed sans stitches or itchy tags, thus these provide utmost comfort and convenience while your team is into practice sessions or any sports tournament. With the trend of seamless clothing increasing in the global fashion scene, the active wear genre of clothing too is getting inclined towards it for high breathability, flexibility, and high-class moisture wicking properties.

Last, but not the least, correct logo and design

Once you have decided on what is the design or logo which you want to get embossed on the clothes, the next important step is to pick the printing process which you would want to use for the customization. You can consider on the top three ways:

Transfer printing

Inks are first transferred onto a paper first and then to the desired clothing. Using specific temperature, these transfers are passed into garments using heat sealing process. This way of printing renders much scope to experiment with your designs, as the after-effect is quite clear and detailed.


This is definitely one of the most common methods to get your logo right on the clothes. The logo or patchworks are stitched with thread work onto the cloth, and hence this promises permanency and durability of the design.

Screen printing   

If you want to get vibrant colors on the fitness clothing for a long lasting impression, then use screen printing which uses oily-ink, sitting on the fabric properly. They work best for customized tees or jerseys, but doesn’t work at all for padded or fleece jackets, especially winter wear.


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