How Not To Find the Good Promotional Clothing Suppliers?

One biggest obstacle in the promotional clothing market that small businesses often face is finding the right promotional clothing suppliers. There’s really a big crowd of manufacturers and suppliers in this industry today, who, to put in modest words, are just not the ones who can optimally help you in this marketing endeavor.

Wholesale Promotional Clothing Manufacturer

A lot has been said on ‘how to find good promotional clothing suppliers’, we thought there is a need of ‘how not to find good promotional clothing suppliers’.

Extensive collection– The large size of inventory does make up any promotional clothing manufacturer and supplier a good one; although it doesn’t hurt either. What matters is that their collection is of high quality. After all how hard do you think it could be for manufacturers to use low quality materials and produce many varieties if it mattered so much?

Quality is the king– If you’re buying clothing wholesale for solely selling purpose that is when quality takes the top spot in the priority list; but in marketing world, budget takes over that spot. So if you are buying your bulk for promotional purpose, be ready to compromise with its quality; compromise, up to an extent. We are not suggesting you to order the cheapest cloths whose return value is one or two washes.

Budget cap– Like mentioned, budget in the marketing world is everything, but this should not necessarily call out your miser-side. Investment on promotional clothing is big and you don’t want to buy the cheapest of wholesale just to stay within your budget cap, whose durability period is very low. Know this- what budget cap is to the whole marketing world, durability is to the promotional clothing method.

Fashion– The extent of style and trendiness of your promotional clothing wholesale largely depends on your target customers. If it’s younger population, style should be of high priority comparatively. But even in this department, you need to know your limitations. You can’t really expect the same designer piece from promotional clothing suppliers that you saw in the showroom of Bloomingdale and Louis Vuitton. Not that the manufacturers and suppliers can’t offer you that; they can, with little hassle, thanks to their customization option. But you will definitely have to bid goodbye to your budget cap.

Customization– You have been advised to seek promotional clothing suppliers that offer comprehensive customization option; to put it bluntly, ridicule this advise. This is true when you are not talking about promotional clothing industry; industry where sticking to short, sweet and simple imprints is the golden rule. Manufacturers, with comprehensive personalization option, more often than not include this facility’s cost in your wholesale even when you are not using them.

These are some ways how you shouldn’t lookout for right promotional clothing suppliers and manufacturers.


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