How To Make Your Promotional Clothes Last Over And Beyond The Promotional Phase

Time and again we come across people sporting T shirts, caps and other such items displaying signs and mottos of different companies, organizations or institutions. There are also occasions when we come across people wearing slogans for a certain specific cause of awareness and other such matters of importance. These items of clothing that sports these promotional efforts are known as promotional clothing and the people wearing them are nothing lesser than walking talking advertisements. This is perhaps one of the reasons why promotional clothing are out and active only on the day the promotional effort is taken up while resting peacefully in the recesses of the wearer’s wardrobe till the end of days.

The question is, does a piece of outfit that is intended to be worn worth meeting such depressing rather, traumatic end? The answer is NO. If a certain piece of outfit is meant to adorn your body, it is only justified that you wear it as many times as you please and that too with sufficient pride. While this may sound slightly awkward to many, the fact is, you can make promotional clothing a long time companion in your wardrobe in many ways than one. You can wear it for occasions besides promoting someone or something. And… here is how this can be accomplished…

To begin with, for promotional clothing to be compatible for other occasions besides mere promotion, it is crucial that the designs of the T shirts are more than just surfaces for advertising. The structure of the T shirts of Caps should be in tune with occasions like sports T shirts, Polo shirts, plain tennis T shirts, football caps, baseball / basketball caps and types as such.

Secondly, it is imperative for the colors and patterns of the T shirts or caps to be trendy so that the style grabs just as much attention as the cause which it is promoting. There should be a harmonious balance between the two factors in the clothes so that the onlookers don’t get the impression that the wearer is merely an advertisement platform in flesh and blood.

Thirdly, the promotional writing including the logos should not consume the entire item of clothing on which it is being displayed. Compact with an impact is the idea that should rule the entire show. If it is a T shirt, the promotional can be printed / sublimated on a tiny area covering the left pocket or similar effects. If it is a cap, the promotional effort can be shown on any one side of the forehead or nestled compact yet smartly on the center. On any occasion or under any circumstances, it should not cover the entirety of the item of clothing.


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