Ordering Promotional Pens? Make Sure You Don’t Make This Big Mistake

Promoting your business on pens might, at first sight, look like a sweet, simple and affordable idea, but in reality it is not. Yes it sure is very rewarding comparatively to other items but a lot of planning needs to be done to get better Return On Investment (ROI). And no we’re not talking about the quality and variety of pen you should choose when ordering from a good wholesale promotional pens supplier. There’s one important thing that many businesses amiss and commit a rookie mistake.

Wholesale Promotional Pens Manufacturer

The very basic of promotion- repetitive exposure

Time and again it has been said and proved that marketing or promotion only works effectively if it’s done rigorously and consistently for a fixed span. You don’t expect a person remember a business- unless it’s very special- upon hearing its name just couple of times; and this why cross-platform marketing has become so important for online retailers and vendors.

If you go to a business’s website to just browse and hit exit without buying, you will see the advertisements of that particular product or service on various other platforms- social media and other websites- seeking your attention with repetitive exposure. And this is how they build brands, goodwill, and make sales.

In this case…

Promoting your business- regardless the niche- solely on pens will has less effect on your target audience, even though it has a long term value. You need to follow the basic rule of promotion for better ROI- repetitive exposure. And for that, besides contacting a wholesale promotional pens supplier, you also need to get in touch with other stationery product suppliers. In many cases, the same manufacturer or supplier will offer you a range of stationery product, including pens, which would reduce your hassle considerably.

Other stationery items

There are many types of promotional stationery items that a good promotional manufacturer would offer. You need to have a clear head as to who is your target audience and then choose carefully the stationeries.

Like, if you are targeting kids (or parents), teenagers, along with pen, offering promotional erasers, sharpeners, crayons, and notepads would be more suitable. And if you are targeting the grown-ups, office goers- offering staplers, paperclips, glues, diaries, scissors, hole punchers, rubber stamps and more, along with promotional pens, would be perfect.

Of course the key factor here, other than repetitive exposure, is the quality of your offerings. If all goes well, you might end up with better rewards and more returns than anticipated.


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