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Promotional Clothes Or Stationery Products- Which One Is Better?

Promotional t-shirts have become too main stream. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, they are still as effective to promote a range of products, services or brands. But to get different result from the promotion- better result- a business must try different products. It must venture different lands in this sub-niche to be different from its competitors. There are few top and renowned manufacturers today who are offering a wide range of wholesale promotional products. Of course, promotional wears takes up a very large part of their collection, but there are many other unique and non-mainstream products which a business can use for marketing purpose.

Wholesale Promotional Products Manufacturer

Stationery products are the best alternatives of promotional clothes

And when we say stationery products we’re not just talking about pens and pencils, we mean a range of items that includes notepads, markers, glue bottles, magnets, clips, pen and pencil cases and more. Some of their features and benefits include-

Definite Purpose– These stationery products have definite use and purpose. Unlike the wears, which consumers might or might not, these items have higher utility. There is no room for people’s preferences and tastes.

Wide consumption– Pen, pencils, clippers, glues are used or consumed widely by everyone- whether a student or working professional. So a business can target any type of consumer base.

Suitable for wide range of products or services– Since used or consumed widely by a range of target audience, these stationery items are just suitable to promote a range of products, services or brands- from wholesale to retail, fashion products to software.

Short life span– Even if you invested for high quality, these items have comparatively shorter life span. This might not be good at certain instances, while for many they are just perfect to promote seasonal products or services.

Cheaper– Promotional stationery products costs much less than other items, say promotional wears, bags and watches. This makes them suitable for small scale businesses that are usually short on budget.

Encouraging manufacturers– Today even the top manufacturers, who once prioritized promotional clothes at the top, are encouraging this sub-niche by offering plethora of stationery wholesale promotional products. Their collection includes many items and varieties- that of high quality. They offer easy and wide personalization option and charge much less.

If you are looking to promote your or your clients’ business, these stationery products are perfect. Contact a top manufacturer today; a manufacturer who also dropship promotional products – this will further down all your hassle and make your promotional tasks and strategy much smoother, effective and cheaper.

Make A Name For Yourself With Cheapest Promotional Products

Branding is the next thing. If you are the owner of any company and want to spread its good name by means of marketing and don’t have much budget for it, then the best option for you is to rely on cheapest promotional products. In this, you can get daily purpose products like clothing items and accessories made with the name and logo of your brand or company printed. This way whoever wears or uses the product will be in a way endorsing for you. Among other means of promotional, this is by far the cheapest and probably among the most effective ones as well. So let’s take a quick look as to what would be the best products that can be effectively used for promoting your business.

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Promotional shirts

This is a widely used product for means of promotion. In a free size of shirt, you can get your brand name and logo printed on the front portion. This is the part which has maximum visibility to people and thus can serve as a great way of brand endorsement. If your budget permits, you can get something printed at the back as well related to your product, brand or company.

Promotional caps and hats

Another excellent way of promotion are caps and hats. It is cheap and very useful for the user especially in those sunny days when you are out.

Promotional bags

Bags are high on purpose. To give your brand name on them will definitely attract lot of eyeballs and thereby fulfil your purpose.

If you are a start-up company and have budget restrictions, then this is the best way for marketing your business. All you need to do is get in touch with the best concerned manufacturer and avail of the cheapest promotional products.