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The Active wear Trends To Include In Your Promotional Marketing Plan

If you are a gym or fitness club owner or the owner of any business, as a matter of fact, you will have to remember that marketing and advertising is an ongoing process. If you think that just by placing an advertisement or two here and there will be enough for you to survive this cut-throat competition, then sorry to burst your bubble. You have to always proactively think about your next promotional idea and keep an eye on the changing marketing trends to stay ahead of your competition. One such marketing trend that has really been making big news is the use of promotional products.

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Promotional Marketing: The Promising Trend

Now, when you choose to boost your gym business with promotional marketing, you will have to be very careful with the item that you choose (and there are hundreds to choose from). Use exercise clothing can be a start because whoever comes to workout at your gym will have to wear clothes or in fact, everybody who doesn’t come to your fitness club. The next step is to really try and be unique. Also, for your promotional plan to really work out, you need to partner up with reputed private label fitness apparel manufacturers. Take a look at some of the gym apparel trends that is taking center stage and can be used to your advantage.

The Bolder the Better… Or Go Neon

Somber colors of fall and winter are old news. This season is all about hot colors and nothing says ‘hot’ like neon. This is a very popular color and be rest assured that it will not phase out any time soon. Neon projects an upbeat and optimistic energy which can be a real asset in a promotional situation. If you want to make a bold and impactful statement with your marketing campaign, then this is definitely the color for your personalized exercise clothing emblazoned with your brand name. Get in touch with fitness clothing manufacturers to create t-shirts, tanks, yoga pants, running shorts or sweatshirts in such deep, rich hues.

Special Attention to Fabric

Cotton is no longer the preferred fabric in activewear because although it absorbs sweat, it does not evaporate it easily and then ends up becoming too heavy for fitness freaks to enjoy working out or any other sports and physical activity. Discuss your needs with fitness clothing manufacturers UK and look for technologically advanced fabrics that wicks off moisture easily, breathes and helps in circulation. After all, if it is not comfy, the recipients are never going to wear your promotional fitness garments and then you will majorly fail to impress your target audience.

The Age of Digital Prints

There is very little difference today between fashion apparel and sports apparel. Your potential clients would always be on the lookout for workout clothes that not only enhances their performance but also makes them look great. Look for fitness apparel manufacturers that use cutting-edge printing techniques such as dye sublimation so that you can get promotional activewear featuring brilliant and interesting digital prints that is bright, clear and durable.

Having the back-up of reputed fitness clothing wholesale distributors is seriously important and vital to the success of your promotional marketing plan because you simple HAVE to giveaway exercise apparel that is at the least worth the hangar. Also, placing bulk order would definitely save you a lot!