Use These Basics to Promote Your Business on Bags like a Pro

It isn’t too difficult to conclude that after Smartphones, one item that people carry around with them the most- is bags. People- kids, teenagers, new and late adults and even old- carry bags with them all around. This- high popularity and usability- makes this item a foremost choice in the offline marketing world to promote brands, products and services.

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Which is your target audience base?

If you too, just like millions of other businesses around the world, are planning to use promotional bags, it is crucial that you know all the different audience bases this industry has and recognize your own target sets of people; a group of people who are more relevant to your business. So to put it very broadly, here are few standard customer bases in this industry-

  • Toddler;
  • Kids;
  • Teens;
  • New adults ( 20-35 years);
  • Late adults (36-50 years);
  • Old;
  • Male;
  • Female;

Pick one or as many bases as you want. Knowing your target audience will help you opt for the right kind of bags from promotional bags manufacturer that cater specifically to your target audience and match their preferences. Also it will help you optimize your promotional outcomes by better utilization of customization option.

Competition level

The promotion on toddlers’ and kids’ little bags is not much in the mainstream. So unless your businesses directly concern this age group, it is best to leave this audience base. Promotion among teenagers and new adults, regardless your industry, is highly competitive today, followed by the late adults and old.

Different bags for different target audience

Colorful with graphics– Little bright graphic enrich bags do wonder with the kids. So root for colorful bags with funny and cartoonish imprints on them if you are targeting kids (or their parents) to promote your product or service.

‘Best bags’– Teen years are basically filled with social anxiety and the will to outmatch others. Midst of years of hectic middle and high schools, teenagers demand only the ‘best bags’. This is why this target audience is considered very demanding, which eventually comes with more opportunities for the marketers and hence- more competition. So you need to browse over the inventory of promotional bags manufacturer, and whichever bag would look ‘the best’ to you, would probably do well if you are targeting teens.

Fashionable– New adults usually seek bags that are fashionable and trendy. They don’t hesitate trying new varieties. So in this group you get plenty of flexibility. Choose bags wholesale that is trending in the market; something that you are often seeing big celebrities carrying with them.

Fashion with formality– Late adults wants fashionable bags. But since most of them, at this age, assumingly works on respectable posts- this constricts them from flaunting new varieties of bags- this eventually leaves them with formal options. So they look for fashionable bags that are formal at the same time; like black bags with slight fancy patterns on them.

Plain and simple– Old people look for and want plain, simple and formal bags, which are simply meant to carry items and not act as a styling accessory. So to see better results from your promotion, offer old target audience items like truck carry bags.

Male and female– Since today the preference of women and men has become neutral in the bags industry, you don’t necessarily have to pick particular strategies to target them individually. Just be slightly careful in the coloring and design department.

So you just learned two things- (I) the broad horizon of customer bases that you can target; (II) the kind of bags the would work well with individual customer base. Now, to promote your business like a pro, all you need is to contact top promotional bags manufacturers, who have a large collection and offer comprehensive customization option.


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