Worthy Promotional Products That Will Rock Your Cause This Season

Promotional products will never be a thing of the past. However, the type of products you choose for promotion certainly can. How dated or outdated your venture can become depends upon the type of promotional products you choose to bear the weight of your cause. In all honesty, like all things else, even promotional products are susceptible to the winds of changing trends and these are the days when you cannot pass on dear old T shirts or the safe-bet calendars every time to create an impactful presence of your brand. If you own an apparel and accessory brand / private label here are a few promotional products you can consider to gain maximum attention from potential customers…

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  • Sipper Bottles – In very simple words, this option is cool, chic, trendy and very – very functional. This is especially with respect to regular gym goers, yoga buffs as well as each and every individual who may be associated with some form of sports or the other. As far as you cause is concerned, you can make the most of a sizeable print area that you can cover with a worthy message and of course a logo that people would love to show off!
  • Doodle flags – If you think ‘trendy’ and ‘chic’ are the only attention grabbing words, think again, because ‘cute’ comes a close second. Doodle flags are tiny, extremely functional and of course, super cute. Wholesale promotional products manufacturers have been focusing on manufacturing doodle flags with cute stands and even cuter pencils or crayons to complete the package. The fact that it is a ‘flag’ makes it instantly visible. Carve out your logo in bold either in the stem or the stand or both and enjoy the explosion of exposure!
  • Jute Bags – Have you ever considered the cause of going green while promoting your clothing or accessory range? Handing out trendy jute bags in various types and designs can be one of the most thoughtful ways of promoting your cause. People in fact would love to uphold your cause and keep returning over and over again. You can introduce jute shopping bags, carry bags and even hand bags for an eye catching impact.
  • Wrist Bands – This option will never lose its worth. Print your logo… print your motto and let people carry your cause in their wrists! Choose bright and vibrant shades to create a fashionable and super trendy impact.

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